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Parrot/Budgie/Canary or other Small Bird Boarding

We welcome our feathered guests. Just bring his/her cage and food and we will make sure their cage is placed somewhere with a nice view and where they have company and can see lots of things going on to keep their mind active so they don't become bored.


Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding

Our Bunny and Guinea Pig boarders have their own part of the garden with secure runs and nice big hutches, indoors when its cold or outside in the summer or whatever your Bunny or Guinea Pig would prefer.  You may like to book a pamper session at an additional cost - please have a look at our Beauty Parlour page.



Our Chinchilla guests are housed indoors and receive lots of attention and tender loving care.



Bring your Hamster for a holiday and be assured it will be cared for and looked after while you are away.








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