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Glamorous Guinea's Shampoo

Beauty Parlour for Small Animals


Guinea Pig Bath Time


Guinea Pigs will benefit from a bath from time to time, so why not pamper your guinea pig and book him a bath during his stay with us, we use a natural shampoo and will make sure he is squeaky clean and wrapped up nice and cosy to keep him warm until he is dry.


Rabbit and Guinea Pig Pedicure (Claw Trim)


Keep those toenails nice and trim, book a pedicure for your Rabbit and Guinea Pig, we cant promise a foot massage but we will trim their claws.


Guinea Pig Brush and Go


We all have bad hair days,  especially being a long haired Guinea Pig, it can become matted and tangled, keep their locks looking good and book them a nice brushing session during their stay because they are worth it!







Nice & Warm After Our Bath
Just A Manicure Today Please
Just A Brush & Go Please